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This is...

Awesome, I like how it wasn't too short, and also the concept, and getting rid of a phone for a new one IS hard. GREAT job!!!!

This is....

Good, but it should have been a little bit longer, I really do like the Concept and I wish that there where more people like that in our society today

This is...

Kind of disturbing and weird but at the same time.... IT IS AWESOME

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This is a very nice short game, I really like how you only have 10 seconds, it makes the game very intense, and makes you want to beat it even more :) Nice work.

This is...

Cool, I like how all of your games share one theme, elephants, and also this game is nice because it is just FUn, the artwork is great :D

This is....

Adorable, I am so going to add this into my faces, I love the happy ending, a it is just a happy game:D

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I like it,

It sounds Like it could go into a video game level, like Mario, it sounds nice and summery , great for the summer

deliverance84 responds:

Thank you unialy, a aprreciate the review dude nice one!!

pretty good

did you wright this???

sin30vendetta responds:

Yes sir (or ma'am). We wrote it, from top to bottom.

Actually, Kevon did most of the work, but I (Brandon) had the idea for it.


really cool

but a little too sad

Firefreezer responds:

I like sad songs! =)

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Great textures that you used, it gives the picture a somewhat hyper realism feel. The reflection is also a very nice addition! Very nice work splosh999 :)


I really like how you captured the dragon, and how there isn't much of a background so you can focus on the dragon and THE LIGHT


COOOOL looks a lot like patrick from spongebob!

i love unicorns I also have 3 goldfish a papillion and a chinchilla

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